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Nature of Business

Asia Green Energy Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries are operates as Coal business, Logistics Chain Solution provider and a Renewable Energy business as follows details.

The Company’s Group Structure

AGE Terminal Co., Ltd. (“AGEM”)

  • Operates a port and warehouse business, and provides coal screening services in Nakhon Luang, Ayutthaya, with a warehouse capable of storing 700,000 tons of coal, three coal screening plants, and 2 ports.

A.G.E. Transport Co., Ltd. (“AGET”)

  • Operates as a provider of coal transportation and land logistics services.

AGE Global Trade Co., Ltd. (“AGEG”)

  • Operates an investment business in other businesses overseas.

Multi Energy Trading (2020) Co., Ltd. (“MET”)

  • Operates as selling fuel, steam, gas, oil and all types of energy used in the industry.

AGE Agri Trading Co., Ltd. (“AGRI”)

  • Operates as sourcing, distributing and exporting agricultural products.

AGE Leasing Company Limited (“AGEL”) (formerly known as “AGE Commodity Trading Company Limited”)

  • Operates as provides hire purchase and leasing services for properties, as well as business services related to main business.

Green RDF Co., Ltd. (“GRDF”)

  • Operates as producing and distributing fuel from waste.

At Energy Solution Co., Ltd. (Joint Venture Company)

  • Operates mainly in energy business, procurement and utilities services especially energy for general industry such as the production and distribution of steam, electricity and water for industrial plants etc.

QTC Energy PCL. (Joint Venture Company)

  • Operates as producing and distributing electrical transformers according to customer orders (Made to Order) and providing various services to customers.