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Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate Governance Policy

The company realizes the importance of business operation by relying on good corporate governance, which agrees with regulation by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Stock Exchange Commissioner. Ethics and consciousness are well indoctrinated for treating with stakeholders. The goal is to operate the company with honesty, efficiency, and trust to the investors and all stakeholders, which is important for stability of the company.

The Board always holds the principle of systematic management and process as of corporate good governance important factor. The Board has determined Good Corporate Governance Policy including Code of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct, in a written form so that the Board, the Management, and the employees can rely as a way to perform their duties. Also, there is an update of Good Corporate Governance policy and Code of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct to be modernized and suitable to the environment, business operation, and more modern. We require having the conference to re-evaluate the management policy once a year. The company had evaluated, applied such principles, and continuously performed the duties in 5 categories.

  • Rights of Shareholders
  • Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
  • Roles of stakeholders
  • Disclosure and Transparency
  • Board Responsibilities

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