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Code of Conduct for Investor relations officers (IROs)

Code of Conduct for Investor relations officers (IROs)

Asia Green Energy Public Company Limited stresses the importance of disclosure information. The Company awareness the importance of investor relations who coordinate investors, analysts, mass media, government, financial institute and employees therefore IROs have to adhere to the following duties.

IROs must disclose material information accurately, sufficiently and in timely fashion and explain to public according to the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s regulation about information disclosure of the listed company when in case of rumor circulation or information leakage.

IROs must keep confidential information and any inside information for personal and other benefits are strictly prohibited.

IROs must disclose material information fairly and equitably and ensure that relevant all stakeholders are able to access and inquire for necessary information.

IROs must conduct duties with integrity that the basic principle of equality.

IROs who are relating to inside information are not allowed to engage in the Company’s securities trading with in 1 month before announced the financial statements.

The company will not accept any appointment or questions regarding upcoming operating results to analysts 1 month before the Company announced the financial statements.